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Walk In Chiller / Freezer 

Walk in chiller / freezer are standard modular cold room chamber to cool or freeze food, fruits, beverage, meat, vegetable,pharamacetuical, material. They are much longer than a standard cooler. .

Temparature :- Storage temperature of the walk in chiller & freezer can be optional -5o C or -20 o C for the refrigerating storage or freezing storage of fresh vegetables & fruits or frozen food.

Industries :- Hotel, Resturants, Bar Pubs, Night Clubs, Display Cooler & Cavesm Grocery & Floral warehouse. 

Dry Fruits Cold Room

Nuts and dry fruits are safe in cold room. The cold room temperatyre can ruin thier nutty flavour.

Temparature :-  -5o C or +10 o C

Ice Cream Cold Storage Room Capacity: 2000 Kilogram(Kg), Price 450000  INR/Plant | ID: c4598218

Ice Cream Cold Room

Ice-cream cold needs constant tempertaure & humidity control, try to avoid tempertaure fluctuations in the cold room.

Temparature :- Ice- Cream cold room temperature should be  -25o C or -35 o C.

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Frozen Cold Room

With the help of frozen cold room the stotage life of fresh perishable foods sucs as peash corn, seafood & fish,poultry meal, fruits and vegetables & dairy products can be extended by several days by cooling and by several weeks .or month by freezing.

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Multi- Commodity Cold Room

There are many types of products which are stored in a Multi- Commodity cold storage like vegetables, fruits, potatoes, spices, dry red chillies confectionery products, dairy products, sea food, frozen food, ready to eat, frozen peas, corn, jaggery, pulses, grains, paneer, cheese, curd, Ice-cream, Multi-cold storage is helpful for you. 

Temparature :- The temperature should be  -25o C to 25 o C. It helps to increase the shelf life of products .

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Modular Cold Storage Room

Modular cold room is required by numerous indusrties for storing food & other prducts . Modular cold rooms are standard preservation.chambers built at site to desired dimensions and colling specifications . Modular cold rooms are of the newest and most effective ways to store highly sensitive pharmecetucial goods. A modular cold room is a type of cold room which consists of insulating panels, allowing high quality insulations to be assambled in any pattern and to any size you need with quick & easy installation & unique versatility which can be applied to any industry .

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Vegetable Cold Storage Room

India is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. According to the nature of product to be preserved. The cold storage of dried or dehydrated vegetables can be successfully carried out for a storage time of more than one year at 0°-10°C with a relative humidity of 80-95 percent. Cold storage for vegetables and fruits, or potatoes or fishes don’t only define the method of storage. Instead, it also speaks about how they are shipped from one place to another. 

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Fully Automatic Cold Storage

We are delivering a broad range of Fully Automatic Cold Storage Room. Cold Chain is known as a reputed wholesaler of quality Blast Cold Room, Banana Repining Cold Room, Blue Star Modular Cold Room