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Vaccine Cold Room

Vaccine cold storage is to store all kinds of vaccines that cannot be stored at room temperature. Under low-temperature refrigeration conditions, the effectiveness of all kinds of vaccines is kept unchanged, and the unsuitable storage temperature can prevent vaccines from failing and endangering people's health.

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Ice Cold Storage Room

We are experts in Dry Ice Logistics and can help you keeping your shipments cool. Ice and frost in and on chilled and frozen food affects productivity, quality and safety. Ice Cold Room controls the humidity and eliminates icing in freezers, cold stores. It creates faster freezing of goods.


blue star 50 - 60 Hz Mini Cold Storage Room, 220 V, Snow Fall Engineers |  ID: 20288869933

Mini Cold Room

The. mini cold room have supreme temperature control mechanisms. Small cold stores: It is designed with pre-cooling facilities. For fresh fruits and vegetables Mini Cold Room offered provides efficient maintenance of storage temperatures.

CCS Glass Door Display Cold Room, Cold Chain Solution | ID: 22426656773

Glass Door Display Cold Room

Cold Chain Solution Offering CCS Glass Door Display Cold Room. The. glass door display cold room have supreme temperature control mechanisms ,Cold room with glass door is a fully enclosed cold storage. Glass Door is Very popular in supermarket! They empower you to maintain specific temperature ranges. Glass door systems for commercial cold rooms. 

Prefabricated Cold Room Manufacturer from Krishna

Prefabricated Cold Room

We have a wide range of prefabricated cold rooms and spaces. The. prefabricated cold rooms have supreme temperature control mechanisms. A cold storage room is a smartly designed set up to preserve the freshness, taste, flavour and shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Processed food such as fish, meat, and certain vegetables need preservation to prolong life for long in to transport for long-distance. One of the significant benefits of cold storage is you can set any temperature according to your product requirements. Our custom units are fitted with the right refrigerant system for all types of storage demands. Our cold rooms are offered with temperature adjustable & monitoring with remote monitoring & controlling system, and maintain the temperature throughout from Farm to destination. Because prefabricated cold rooms are built up panel by panel on site, they can fit practically anywhere from box rooms to the smallest kitchens. Fixed cold rooms on the other hand require significant access to be installed and are only really suitable to rooms with an open planning space or for installation during building. Prefabricated cold room are Solid and reliable. Prefabricated cold rooms offer a safe working environment. The best thing about Prefabricated cold rooms is not that they can built up anywhere. It isTemporary or permanent refrigeration.

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Cold Chiller Room

CCS Chiller range of product is quick & adjustable. The whole room is fitted with an on-board air cooled refrigeration system. ... This is capable of holding food stuffs at the required temperature like Chilled foods: +2 to +10C (Adjustable), Fresh meats: -2 to +5°C (adjustable), Frozen foods: -18 to -2°C

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Cold Ware House Room

We are Offering Fully Automatic Cold Warehouse Room 440 V Ac . As consumers, we always remain conscious of our dairy, meat, and other food products. Taking care of their storage and quality becomes our priority. Like us, the company that manufactures these products also takes precautions to keep such commodities safe. These warehouses usually look like any other warehouse from outside but differ in their inner environment.

Unicool Technologies Fully Automatic Flowers Cold Storage, 0 To 10 Deg C, |  ID: 6713565633

Flower Cold Room

Flowers are highly perishable and the price of flowers is highly fluctuating each day. By storing flowers in cold stores farmers and traders could demand price for their flowers. Flowers cold room is designed in a specific manner to keep the temperature and humidity at the appropriate level.