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Refrigeration Rack System- How It Works and Common Types

Rack Type Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Rack System consists of multiple compressors piped together connected to multiple refrigerated cases. It allows the use of multiple compressors and condenser fans for cooling more efficiently, conveniently and compactly as compared to traditional individual refrigeration systems.

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Condensing Unit

Condensing units are used to supply compressed refrigerant to a direct expansion coil in an air tunnel to condition the air. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or reheating the air for optimal space comfort.

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Evaporator Unit/Cooler Unit

Forced-Circulation Free-Delivery Unit Coolers for Refrigeration (Unit Coolers):  A factory made assembly including means for forced air circulation and elements by which heat is transferred from air to refrigerant without any element external to the cooler imposing air resistance. These may also be referred to as Air Coolers, Cooling Units, Air Units or Evaporators. Unit Coolers utilize a Volatile Refrigerant fed by either direct expansion or liquid overfeed with ratings based on wet and/or dry conditions.