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 5 MT& 10 MT Solar Cold Room

Stand-alone Solar Power is one of the best solutions for operating small cold storage system in rural areas where there is certain limit of power load. Solar energy based refrigeration system is quite relevant to Indian weather because it is blessed with a good amount of solar energy in most parts of the country, throughout the year. This rich source of endless solar energy is the main power source for the Solar Cold Room built by Bharat Refrigerations and it gives a 24 Hours backup with no door opening.

Solar Cold Storage - Suryavizhudhugal

On Grid Solar Cold Room

You can store your products 24/7 regardless of the grid power anywhere you like with Termodizayn solar-powered container type cold storages.

With container type cold rooms operating with solar energy, you can easily solve cold storage problems and post-harvest loss problems in perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products.

1.8 Ton Solar Cold Storage | India Go Solar

Off Grid Solar Cold Room

This technology has made cold-storage power supply much more simpler and efficient as cold storages require constant power supply to maintain quality of food produce. As of March 2018, there are more than 6300 cold storages in India which require uninterrupted power supply.

Currently in India most cold storage units run on Diesel Generators and intermittent Grids that result in inefficiency and an increased operating cost for the owner. Typically, a cold storage’s electric loads are non-continuous, consisting of Main compressor motor (100-200hp), Pump Motor (10-30hp), Blower Motors (2-10hp) and numerous fans. As a result the capacity of DG Set is over 2.5 times the normal running loads.


Hybrid Solar Cold Room with Pcm Back up

The growing pharmaceuticals and frozen food industries have pushed companies to take measure for their temperature-controlled transportation. The products are maintained in the prescribed range of temperature during the entire duration of transportation. The temperature-controlled transportation is so critical, especially for pharmaceuticals and vaccines, that the product which needs to be maintained between 2-8-degree C, will face severe thermal shocks if the ambient temperature leaves the specified range of transportation.